August 24, 2015

Patient Benefits


MotionReach offers patients:
– Adaptive training
– Greater and faster recovery*
– An easy to use system
– Real-time feedback
– Instant reports on progress

 MotionReach® is a scientific design based on the latest research in neuro-rehabilitation. Training with
MotionReach leads to both a greater and faster recovery.* Patients prefer MotionReach because
of its simplicity, easily operated system, interactive and responsive feedback, and
adaptive training. MotionReach also generates objective reports of dosage and movement
quality by showing actual progress during and between sessions, which in turn increases
compliance and improvements.

* In a published peer-reviewed study with a prototype of MotionReach, 16 individuals with chronic stroke with
mild to moderate impairments performed two sessions of unassisted intensive reach training, with 600 movements
per session. Training resulted in significant 1-month improvements in movement time (20% on average) and
movement smoothness (23% on average). In addition, there was a significant improvement in the Box and Block
test from baseline to 1-month retention test (23% on average).
See Park et al. Neural Rehabilitation and Repair, 2015.