August 24, 2015

Clinician Benefits


MotionReach increases clinician revenue streams by:
– Increasing the number of visits per patient
– Managing multiple patients simultaneously
– Decreasing costs with automated training.

MotionReach provides objective reports for:
– Quick high precision tests
– Personalized training sessions
– Validation of reimbursement
– Decrease in documentation time.

MotionReach largely increases revenue streams for clinics by increasing the number of visits
for each patient and delivering training sessions to more than one patient at once.
MotionReach also generates objective reports of dosage and movement quality by providing
objective data. This will decrease time needed for documentation, which is a major time-sink
for clinicians. Reports show the effectiveness of therapy and therefore validates reimbursement
for insurance. Clinicians also have the option of performing quick automated tests on patients
using MotionReach to receive the objective reports.