July 27, 2015

About Us

About Motion Scientific

Motion Scientific is a consulting and software development company, with a strong development and consulting team.
Our products are developed on Microsoft products stack. We have expertise in the development of specialized software
using Microsoft.net development tools, with a focus on database driven applications in human therapy.

We use Microsoft’s newest technology and hardware, including the Kinect to develop the most interesting
interfaces for our applications.

Motion Scientific provides end-to-end solutions to their customers, including pre-configured servers with all application
modules already installed and configured; we install and configure the system from A to Z. Based on our customer needs
and budget, our consulting team will recommend the most appropriate Microsoft components, starting from Windows
operating system, MS SQL server to our home grown applications, and also delivers a turn-key solution to our customers.



Our Mission

Motion Scientific is dedicated to advancing neuro-rehabilitation using the latest scientific research and
cutting-edge technologies. Our mission is to better the lives of individuals recovering from strokes
via personalized e-rehabilitation.

The goal of MotionReach® is to enhance the current standard of care by improving
arm and hand function following neurological disorders that affect the
motor system, particularly stroke.



Core Values

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