September 4, 2015


Components of MotionReach®

We designed MotionReach as an integrated system, consisting of these
cutting-edge technologies.

Touch Screen

MotionReach uses a touch screen for testing, training, and reporting. The seated patient interacts with a large touch screen supported by a tilt and height adjustable stand. The touch screen measures movement time and hand position at the onset and the end of movement. The touch screen also provides additional support for the patient’s more affected arm.

Microsoft Kinect v2

The Microsoft Kinect v2 is a 3D camera that captures trunk and arm movement by detecting all joints and angles of the upper extremities. Microsoft Kinect v2 assesses movement quality from hand path, arm (shoulder, elbow, wrist), and trunk kinematics. We enhanced the Kinect system using our in-house software based on motion analysis research. A Windows 8 PC with Core i7 (needed to run Microsoft Kinect v2 software) is already installed and integrated into the MotionReach customized frame.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

The Microsoft Azure Cloud provides an important and unique service. The cloud securely stores patient demographics and clinical information, as well as patient and clinician login IDs and passwords. It also stores session-by-session tests and training performance data, and generates reports of movement use and quality for all sessions. This cloud database allows MotionReach to prescribe patients with personalized medicine by determining the most appropriate training for each patient based on their previous performance. Payment is handled by the cloud via credit card.

Integrated Frame

All components of MotionReach are integrated into a single frame. This frame also easily adjusts to patients’ needs, such as wheelchair accessibility. Patients may adjust the height of the device and tilt the device to their desired angle. The MotionReach integrated frame also easily folds for storage purposes.

How do you set all of this up?

It’s very simple.

Just plug it in and connect to wi-fi!